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rotten80 Fantastic amazing band fucking ferocious album, love absolutely everything in a way has a Deeds Of Flesh “Path of the weakening” vibes to it like a spiritual successor in a way especially the song “Sign of Eternal Repentance” favorite song as well. One of the best albums of 2020 Cheers 🍻 Favorite track: Sign of Eternal Repentance.
The wind's seduction gave me a signal Heavy rain flushed on the earth without stopping flowing as if the direction and direction were uncertain. The path is filled with fallen leaves Many events that occur on this earth. Unlimited damage, People who increasingly do not know the direction of life. The time goes as if angry Too rushed he changed Seconds by seconds the line becomes a point Say only words The truth will be of no value Only lies will always be worshiped. Until the nature of misery all vanished
Disobedience 02:21
the sky was split the earth was shaken rumbling noise bombared silent last night this the blinding eyes throwing away the broken body is not left the universe was silent as if time had stopped cursing the earth with fire heat now is the time destruction before the mind control this is the mind satan Misleads confined with a purpose
Never thought Destruction of life simultaneously Booming Destruction of the universe Destruction of the footing What is now visible, You disappeared Brought with a wave of wrath Adzab is suffering from torture By the almighty Blow the trumpet as a sign The end of the universe The rise of the sun Not east but west As a sign of closing the door of repentance Trapped by humans Splatter tears Request to return But everything never dampens The turmoil of divine power
I ran to somewhere Thinning radiates from toenails The point is still like a shadow of yourself in a third of a day I ran for who knows what for Dew was defeated in the morning with a finger step Not budging, not moving Hoarseness Jolted, woke me from my deep sleep. Sweat flooding this tired body, mind raging, urged memory of my dream just now. I couldn't stop tears as if I was torn to shreds, the wound was so deep, that I was having a dream.
I'm speechless among millions of lies On the edge of the wound I stand Among Thousands of Tortures In front of grief Touched Lust Void Here I Survive Covered in Lara's Wound Waiting for the day when I was free From Thousands of Revenge Between the Tongues That Went I knit water to fight fire Let the Devil's Wings Wings Up I embrace Heaven I swallow Hell From Thousands of Revenge And Destroy All Hope And now I'm struggling And Go With Hypocrisy The Blinding
I stepped in search of Nirvana Climb the hill of despair And I leave the abyss of sin To look for the meaning of life I continued to walk despite many intersections I finally found the straight path the path that taught me the meaning of life
at night undressing pops in plain sight and foster age wisdom like a train leaving town towards dusk I want to go home to a vacation home since giggles divorce laughter and tears I never visited again fondling is like hum take a last tear
how much distance you have traveled How much sorrow comes to greet you How many lonely attend accompany How much tears to paint this face Is there still longing in the heart The Most Gracious is calling himself name Is there still a question in your soul When will the time come to pick you up Waiting for you with love and repentance Until when will you come back? Repel this whisper that binds the heart Sitting in kneeling together arranging words Your tears are begging for mercy


released August 14, 2020


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