Killstruments & Deathods


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Trumpenmeister I love this brutal death album so much I want to marry it and make insane children with it who have to be locked in an asylum to prevent them from going full Michael Myers.
Banging Metal Heads
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Banging Metal Heads Track 2 takes everything you thought you knew about metal, then fucks it six ways from Sunday! If you're at the age where you think you might be needing to see a Doc about that Viagra prescription, forget it. This album will have you so fucking stiff you could let 23 cock craving biddies mount you at once and then proceed to swing around like a fucking cock-si-go-round and they begin to fall off one by one until you have one winner left, your prized cum dumpster. What a fucking masterpiece! Favorite track: To The Ash.
John Chaos Alexander
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John Chaos Alexander Bruta slammingl death metal For fans of
Cannibal Corpse , Suffocation, Baphomet(Banished), coprocephalic, Dehumanized, Arcanius, Splattered Entrails, Malignancy, Benighted. Favorite track: Self-Breaking Wheel.
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Rising Nemesis Records is very pleased to announce the signing of Russias aspiring, brutal, catchy, technicay and yet slamming quintet BIG END BOLT. This all star poject is about to release their 2nd full length record "Killstruments & Deathods" end of December via RNR. Songwriting, songstructures, recordings and the artwork of this record is way out of the box compared no nowadays releases and will zealous a lot of new listeners.

Line Up:

Toni Merkel – drums (Sabiendas, Pestlegion, Interstellar Genocide, Negator, Pighead, Frank Blackfire)
Denis Akulshin – guitar (Fetal Decay)
Anatoly Shishilov – bass (Katalepsy)
Alexander Strelnikov – guitar (Imperial Age, Tantal, Taipan, Mare Infinitum)

In two days we will upload the artwork and will keep you posted with infos on this release.


The very beginning of BEB goes to early 2001 when Igor started collecting all the materials which was not really applicable for the bands he played with that period. The only thing’s remaining from that period is two-tracks homemade demo which was recorded in 2003 but was never exposed (may be that will be done in the future). But the real history of BEB was driven in 2007 when Igor made the decision to create full-time band and together with new drummer Vladimir started rehearsals. Igor played guitar and made vocals, Vladimir crushed his drums but that was not enough and in 2008 three more members were found: Alexander - guitar, Andrey - guitar and Dmitry - bass. With the new line-up BEB started playing gigs and in the fall of 2008 recorded their first two songs demo "Moral Decay", immediately found the main feature of Bolts' music mixing funny grooves with dark powerful strength of death metal. 2009 was spent for writing material for a full-length album and at the beginning of 2010 BEB entered Black Light Studio and with great help of very talented sound engineer Aleksey Romanchenko recorded the great one which was called "Mechanical Race Creation" and later released in conspiracy with Russian Coyote Records and US Sevared Records (official release date is 12 September 2011).
"The album is too groovy to be death metal and too dark to be something else" and that's the way of BEB with no genre boundaries and absolute freedom in every chord. Lyrics wise the album is not really conceptual and there are absolutely different themes in the songs. Sometimes they are very funny with a lot of sick humor, sometimes they are scary and sound like short horror stories, sometimes they are dark and serious. But nevertheless a lot of them are about mechanisms, engines, artificial intellect etc, so, fully applicable to the band with a name Big End Bolt.
Releasing "Mechanical Race Creation" Igor already had a lot of fresh ideas for the new album and Bolts began working with new songs but until 2013 all the members one-by-one left BEB with reasons not concerning to the band or music itself. Finally Igor returned to the very beginning and continued preparing new material as one-man project with no planning when it will be released. And maybe that was not released at all but with the help of great friends and amazing highly experienced musicians it was happened and in 2014 fully renewed band started recording a new full-length album. The super line-up was following:
Toni Merkel – drums (Sabiendas, Pestlegion, Interstellar Genocide, Negator, Pighead, Frank Blackfire)
Denis Akulshin – guitar (Fetal Decay)
Anatoly Shishilov – bass (Katalepsy)
Alexander Strelnikov – guitar (Imperial Age, Tantal, Taipan, Mare Infinitum)

The album was called "Killstruments & Deathods" and tells about an alternative future when mankind made a decision to return to the old methods of capital punishment but with usage of robotic mechanisms. The pain impulse of a victim can be transformed to electric charge and give the light of the future to the rest of people. That’s scary conveyor which cannot be stopped and which will punish everyone who tries to break the system.
Following the lyrics' concept music became more dismal and technical but don’t worry that's still BEB with a lot of sick grooves and catchy vocals.
The album's going to be released at the very end of 2016 on the European heavyweight champion between labels - mighty Rising Nemesis Records.
Be sure, it will be something new but it will be Big End Bolt in its best! So, prepare to be knocked out after a punch of "Killstruments & Deathods"!
To be continued…


released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Last Day Before ... (Intro)
The last day before…
(The text is not used for the intro but used as slogan in booklet)

Some day you will manage to change the world
And that will be the last day…
The last day before…
Track Name: To The Ash
To The Ash
The hour has come.

Agonizing waiting has come to the end.
That is your last breath; you know there is no way back.
You thought there is no room for fear in your heart,
Swimming in its river for weeks, felt fetid breath of his gory mouth.

Sensed his cold tentacles digging into your dirty flesh.
The siren sounded piercing to the bone,
And an unknown feeling gripped the heart by the merciful fangs.
Fangs… Fangs…

Panic whisper and cry cut through the air instead of scream.
It is not the fear of death - you know what… what will be.
What… will… be.

Still guessing that the future will be darn sight worse.
The only depth of darkness is around
Lumbering by the mechanical crack, maddening by the white noise.
Naked sweaty flesh sucks the sound.

Feels sharp steel appearing and disappearing to nowhere.
The darkness is not hostile – the darkness fairly killing.
For a brief moment all becomes quiet.
In the distance you see the light

Of electronic scoreboard with a countdown.

Someone or something has started the inevitable process.
Four ... Three ... Two ... One ...
Close your eyes!

Mechanical wires permeating the flesh,
Moving swiftly through the veins.

The first wave has passed through the body
Like million over sharp needles turning out of you.
Terrible spasm dislocating joints.
The final round of the bloody spiral of misery.

You feel like arms and legs turning, turn into ashes.
It is not the pain; it is something new which did not exist before,
The light turns on. You see the greatness of your tormentor.
The last flash.
All is over.
Track Name: Painted In Cuts
Painted In Cuts
Your skin is covered with a pattern of accurate thin cuts.
It breathes by them and in exchange it’s giving blood and life.
The edge slides on the flesh with extraordinary ease,
Opens it, goes deep, smoothly gets round the main arteries.
You have to pass purification by the pain
Cleaning you until the death.

The fateful akinesia has already broken you.
You are just pure canvas for the sharp knifelooking brush.
The masterpiece will be created,
Repeal is not allowed.

Your thoughts force edges to live.
You give the final touch to the last paint.
In which there is no place for the richness of the palette.

Blood runs...
Cuts are the only source of color for now.

Having process once stopped you understood
It is not in your power to refuse that.
The drill starts biting into the core of your backbone,
Letting know that term of execution is your choice.
You have no choice…

Continue giving mental commands to the shrill darkness
stinging the body drawing terrible indistinct images.
The painting will be completed when the thousandth cut
has dissected the flesh opening the gate to the life stream.
You’ve got the chance to receive the maximum dose of
unspeakable pain. The last injection of the universal horror.

Which won’t be forgotten even after the death.
The art is awful in its beauty and ruthless in its greatness.

Without fear you’ll release the life.

The only one step to eternity.
You are ready and looking forward to...
The slowing-down pulse gives the countdown:
Ictus, one more and … blissful silence …
Track Name: Gibbet Act
Gibbet Act
The fear was always alien to you for the whole life,
But the cyber system gave out in a flash the result,
And… The terror… The terror core…
Rose up in your repenting heart.
Gibbet act will clear your soul and the frail body
Taking the life away and making you free.

Generated pain expiating all sins.
You don’t know Coming.
Nobody knows what… hides
Concrete walls of Purgatory. Fright.
Pantheon of altered tortures.

The mechanism has detected the trembling.
You are doomed and cannot stop that.
Hope is failed, alarming waiting.
Wish of suicide.

But you cannot leave without heaving cleared.
Your life is not yours.
Pitch haze, cold, dementing silence.
You’ve come around.

The unexpected metal clang forced you to startle,
And something sharp
Abruptly stroke cruelly in an eyeball.
The hurt destroyed all barriers,
Your shout blasted the quiet.
Without delay the second hook pierced another eye.

Absorbed by pain. Continuous bawl.
Terrifying sight. Sickening show.
Soundless cry. The hooks in the skull have begun
Rising you high. Ready to die.

That’s not the end.
Now you feel lifeless frozen steel

Has begun to twist your enfeebled feet
Squeezing and gripping slowly.
Frozen metal sticks deep into the skin,
Breaking bones with crunch.

Pain is dissolved fully.
The carcass from the feet to the head is locked in
Cybernetic capsule greedily sucks out
Precious life.

Making power from the human being.

Multifunctional robots,
Happy life, new generation.
Mutilation of human beings,
New way to clean all sins.
Providing tortures
Give the light for living actions.
Help people to survive.

Multifunctional mutilation.

Multifunctional mutilation.
Tortures cleaning sins.

Under your skin – iron
Under your life – death
After your death - new life
For the mechanical generation

Making power from the human sin.

Multifunctional robots,
Happy life, new generation.
Mutilation of human beings,
New way to clean all sins.
Providing tortures
Give the light for living actions.
Help people to survive.

Multifunctional mutilation.
Iron is under your skin.
Track Name: Reversource (Interlude)
No text
Track Name: Self-Breaking Wheel
Self-breaking Wheel
Several centuries ago
The only mention of the type
Of capital torture horrified
People lost their mind.

A long time elapsed.
The humanity became the integral scourge of society,
And the art of cruelty sank into oblivion,
Having moved on pages of books
Which were interesting only to a few.
Truth of essence, ancient skill is back.

Progress of the human civilization is inevitable,
Multifunctional robots serve to people.
Mechanical slaves are everywhere and ready
To satisfy any wish of the masters.
The only thing that hasn't programmed is the human brain.

There are thousands of them; their existence is to serve for society.
And any person who outrage becomes a power source
And will be exhausted by the capital punishment.
That is the conveyor which isn't fated to stop.

The mechanical gnash,
Cries and the cold smell of fresh flesh
Fill this incubator of death.

The execution second name is 30ty-60ty.
Meaning min and max periods before the full killing.

Three – O – six – O

And only the victim turns the execution outcome.
The body’s kept by the robotized claws
Releasing their grasp when pulse completely stops
And vital energy is transformed to the electric charge.

Each 15 minutes from above
From the aggressive darkness
The huge steel sledge hammer flies down
Breaking bones one by one.

There is a way to reduce of the period of the torture twice.
At such choice hundreds of small drills bite body like worms.
Speed of their movement is so slow.

That brings the pain to the new level.

At any time condemned can stop that
But then the first mode will be started.
Time is slowed down and again
Counted by whistle of the flying down hammer.
On the breaking wheel.
Track Name: Iron Blood Eagle
Iron Blood Eagle
The flesh yawned… Cold, damp air has passed the open wound by the poisoning wave. The body is writhing in frantic, convulsive pain but the dead steel holds down all extremities predetermining the epicism of the pose.
Not a single shout, just the rattle is seething with saliva. The ophidian cable is set in the throat. Iron pincers are dissecting the body slowly and accurately. Rib by rib. And now, outspreading bloody wings, you are soaring over the calling abyss which will snatch and absorb you in another heartbeat.
Track Name: Garrotte Unit
Garrotte Unit
Laboratories of the modern times in the majority
Are directed on the production of energy resources.
The mankind has learned to get the precious energy
Almost from everything, even from pain.

Condemned to death is subjected to sophisticated tortures
With only one purpose – maximum outflow

Of the vital energy created by the fear and pain.

The young intern of one of such laboratories is
Working in a night shift today

Tracking of all life cycles of the system to prevent any failure.
The cybernetic organism works smoothly.
He decides to have a walk.

"Department of development and researches".
The door slowly opens showing great hall.
The victory of progress, triumph of innovations,
Incalculable number of unknown strange devices.

Something hidden from human eyes by a cloth
Is placed in the middle of the scientific section.
Just a chair, he did not expect to see
Under the cover of the white sheet.

He set down in it to look round.
In a flash the body was held down.
Dead steel had returned to live.
Shout of panic horror killed clank sound.
The loop of death twisted his neck
Tearing skin and sinews, blocking the way of air to lungs.
Through the awful pain the energy was leaving his body.
He understood that the end is near by.

Awful wounds are bleeding slowly
On his hands, feet and neck.
He is quiet but the insanity
Has reigned in his head.
He is sure that has learned
Something inaccessible through the act.
Now he thinks only about it.
Mechanical madness has occupied his mind.
Track Name: Agonyfication
Slowly growing pain has revived you again.
You are condemned and nobody waits for your repentance.
The deafening calm looks at you without regret.
You are neither the first nor the last element.
The kaleidoscope of dread
Has chosen the pain which is healing of life.
It cannot be endured.
The only way is to accept and take pleasure from the act.
But you don't know how to achieve
And the uncertainty gnaws from inside.

In search of answers to the questions
Which can't be asked during the life.
Life… Time.

Bloody fog
Conducts you to truth through the thicket of madness.
Dirty flesh
Completely tormented by the mechanical claws.

It has squeezed out everything from the body
Transforming your pain to the energy flux.
Eager for death and death is the only
The only condition to stop.

Hands and feet bones have left their joints.
You are soaring strained in the dark sticky cold.

Rejoice in your last flight.

Cruel new era of the bloody art
Hidden behind high walls from a human eye.
Deep under the ground the unmerciful cyber steel
Converts the unworthy to corpuscular

Nobody will know
What is happened with you.
Will never find you
Won't see your tomb.

Only dead light of the electric lamp will
Shout by scream of your last minutes.

Showing a way to all who won’t experience
And to all who will understand everything
Having gripped by iron clutches
Of the never tired cold servant of Justice.
Track Name: Cyber Injection (Outro)
No text
Track Name: Mechanically Castrated (BROKEN HOPE Cover)
Mechanically Castrated
(Broken Hope cover)
Dawn of the civilization and irreversible phase
Led to almost full extinction of the human race.
In the past people created power-driven slaves
Now the artificial mind controls the mankind breeding.
The healthy planet was destroyed
Turned into a steel trap.
Life has lost the precious meaning.

Replaced by the infinite run away from decease.
The idle past predetermined the agony.
Overpopulation was predictable.
Sterilization has become the order of the life stream.

Only injection, in organism, steel nanobot adoption begins.
Reproduces itself, instantly clean genital organs from within.
Vitals aren't touched. Extinction isn't goal of the act.
The system needs obedience, free from lusts and birthrate.

Terrible pain is dying away.
Mechanisms leave the body these days.

Status ranking in society
Only thing that can have an influence on the destiny.

One who is dissatisfied with such unpleasant fate is doomed,
Deadly awful cyber-torture greedily waits
Transforming life energy to electric charge.
Feed all nodes of the system for continuation.

That was foretold long time before it.
What could be avoided.
But people took a licking.