Originally released via Brutal Bands. Rising Nemesis Records owes now all rights on this release.

Brutal slammin death metal from Sweden - this is Stabwound's debut full length release - you must have this!


released April 30, 2004

Recorded At – The Chemical Works
Recorded At – Studio Hangarden
Mastered At – Magick Sound Studio

Guitars & drums recorded at The Chemical Works.
Vocals & bass recorded at Hanggarden Studio.

Arranged By – Stabwound
Cover [Art] – Mike Bohatch
Drums – Viktor Linder
Engineer [Recording] – Mike Jones
Guitar – Per Ahre
Guitar, Bass – Fredrik Linfjärd
Layout – Scott Ellingboe
Lyrics By – Stabwound
Mastered By – Niklas Rudolfsson
Mixed By – Viktor Linder
Music By – Stabwound
Producer – Viktor Linder
Vocals – Uffe Nylin



all rights reserved
Track Name: Molding Through Sloth
dependent on the help of others, escaping reality by the use of sloth
never moving, always in the same spot, feces contained in colostomy bags
inserted with tubes in the sphincter muscles, not even feeding himself
fed since day 1, now 25, too lazy to even care, parents bond about to break

age took their lives, collapsing, died of heart attack
his sloth has taken its price, confusion settling in
modern technology unknown to his knowledge, he is a
big baby, all alone, mentally crippled in the same position

bodies dormant, bloated with severe diseases, reeking of clammy
skin, rotten cavities, an orgy of flies

crawling in feces, tubes clotted with shit, pathetic cries...
begging for forgiveness, from whom or what, humanity?
attacked by the shock of him alone

decomposed bodies, making him choke, their dead eyes accusing stare,
to much for him to take, dying, gagging on stench and the food...dying
Track Name: Devouring Deficiency
dry lips touching the cold barrel of a 9mm gun
behind the redeemer, he speaks:

"hands tied behind your back, paralyzed, pale a ghost
sealer of fate, the one who decides if you may live"

"as long as there are wars, starvation, a futile existence
I will not rest until the final breath has been choked"

"by my own bare hands, I despise, day one with everything
that came with it, I hate humanity's flaws, I have been sent to devour you"

begging for life, pants moist with urine and feces
cries echoes out in the distant, no answer, you are on the brink
forced to humiliation by giving head to the cold barrel of this cold gun

left behind, still alive, but dying of the pain and bleeding
devouring deficiency...
Track Name: Red Worms Erected
sickness and filth crawled through his penile tract
through his penis and down into his scrotum
this plague has been carried down through generations
unknowing that his crotch will be infected by the worst epidemic

eggs started to hatch... within his balls...
the warmth gave them life...slowly they start to consume...
his suffering comes in signs of...regurgitated blood...
his genitals start to mutate...the worms feast inside his bowels...

out of his rectum crawls maggots, his bowels slowly starts to burst...
his erection will stiffen, due to the great amount of worms...
eating through his dick and rectum, RED WORMS ERECTED...
pain so horrendous, never experienced this level of torture...

body now swarming with decay...
patterns of rotten flesh slides off his bones...
RED WORMS ERECTED...out of his gaping crotch...
RED WORMS ERECTED...out of his ripped anal cavity...
Track Name: Facial Skin And Tissue Removal
hands and feet, bound and gagged in a bathtub
somewhere, deep within this livid city complex
someone is begging for his life, water touches his cheeks
skin crumpled, a door opens, eyes staring, hands clenching...

you shouldn't have chosen the dark road to mankind
crime does not pay, tortured for at least a week
ribs are visible, skinny and pale, eyes sunken and milky grey
beaten and raped, serving as a sex-slave to the highest of pedophile nymphos

demise would come as a great release...
but no pity, ever, for you, spawn of society...
emasculating, pouring acid on your crotch...
screaming, silenced by dirty underwear...
gagging on filth, staining acid into his eyes...
immeasurable pain, futile existence will end here...
eyes cook and float out of eye sockets...
soaking the face, facial skin and tissue removal...

screaming with no face, ghastly, disfigured...
skeletal forms revealed behind melted meat and tissue...
gasoline filling the tub and then those flames...
living inferno, burned to a crisp, a pile of human ashes and bones...

missing for a couple of months
but no one will find the corpse
locked within this hidden tomb
a reeking pile of human bones
Track Name: Transgender Mutilation
female fascination dreams of stroking her tattered flesh
gently touching a scarred and unrecognisible face, eyes like
empty wells, within the dark soils dwells the lust for
the serenity of watching her strung up, skinned corpse
dangling between two trees

adoring the fungus overgrowth of her rotting anal tract
sealed with lumps of excrement and layers of crawling organisms
seeking the warmth from her reeking and gaping womb
soaked with spit, lubed with menstrual mess, vile and macabre goddess...

dressed in her skin, beauty is in deed obscene and repulsing
sewing in sacks unto his chest, carving and re-shaping
scrotum and penis slit, amputating her vaginal area
a cold, stillborn fetus, loose and hanging from her open crotch

cold dead skin, completing the transformation by sewing her
face unto warm flesh attached, this dead soul hasn't seen the
awakening of the son for many days, but now revived through the change of

smelling her cadaverous stench no more envy, sacrilegious
deed now at it's end, senses calmed, almost like a deep slumber
and insomnia, touching, adoring his new deformed and feminine shape
swelling with rot, envy not this beauty that many could have killed for

emaciated body displayed lying on its back, stroking each feature
of its bacteria swarming body, shemale creature so abstract in its form
trans-gender mutilation, his inner-self has now found its right skin
the birth of a new individual through the macabre mutilation of his own
Track Name: Disgorging Pieces Of Broken Glass
choking on an empty bottle, cracked between your teeth
expelling shards of fractured intestinal remnants
(divine suffering)
pieces pieced together to form a shapeless frame
they cut through your throat, asphyxiating by the
warm blood that seeps from the gaping wound...

spitting chunks of your tongue, gargling, spewing
bound to my retaliation, wrath upon your feeble excuse for existence
exposed esophagus, bile running over your broken ribs
vocal cords are mutilated and beyond medical-repair

face this suburban nightmare scenario, ghastly
no escape from what fate has in store for you and me
gargling broken glass, spleen exhumed pulp and organs
lacerated sublingual glands, tormented for a revenge

speechless, vomitous, glass filled pieces of disfigured organic matter
pieces of partial digested fragments of glass and stomach acid
unable to scream, disgorging these pieces of force-fed glass
bowels ripped to shreds, anal eruption, blood-filled defecation...

a small glimpse of life, soon to fade...
with a last breath, regurgitated cut-throat
Track Name: Divine Gluttony
a slave under one of the seven written sins, the curse to devour
gobbling huge amounts growing obese gargling remains of pulp
stomach cavity seems to have no end for this atrocious hunger

salty sweat itching saggy pig-tits hanging over hairy chest
erotical urge to consume both the living and the dead

decrypted post mortal dish fondling skin between greasy thighs
unholy consumption, divine gluttony

ecstasy of devourment conquers the little humanity that is left
it is no longer a human being that you see before your eyes

this sin has been embodied into an almost godly effigy...
abdomen slowly bursting, no longer to digest, the sin taking a life...
Track Name: Morgue Abductions
witness morbidity that is held inside these cold dead walls
slabs holding the weight of the incinerated mutilated, bodily deformed
organic harvest, greed has driven him to steal their inner contents
to sell them for filthy money on the black market network

death is priceless, this defilement has been seen as
a crime, desecrating the dead, dissection of abdominal area
stealing from these numb hosts, greed is insatiable and it...

grows obscene, removing skin, jigsaw opening, ribs exposed...

digging deeper into tissue and through fattening lumps of flesh
snapping inferior veins connected to the heart, hacking through chest
depravities unspoken, he has seen so many ways how a human can die
strangled, tortured, butchered, infants raped by their elders...

morgue abductions, the last temptation before final acts of disgrace
all those bodies, disemboweled, blistering, yet not embalmed
fainting from the sores that gorges and reeks from rancid pus
awaken hours later, surrounded by the ones that claims he's guilty

held down, strapping arms and legs, they came to claim
his life for this sin, gutted while breathing...
unmatched torture, organs are exhumed, kept alive to feel it
slowly emptying his chest cavity and stomach...
turning inside out, bowels slowly ripped expelled from a
horrid and gruesome wound, gaping abdomen...
force fed, with his own holds, choking on malodorous stench
gurgling, guts are removed, suffer the consequences...
Track Name: Unspeakable Perversions
unspeakable perversions, ritualistic desire to fulfill sick pleasures
the art of experiencing genitalia disfigurement, self-emasculation
suffering divine it comes like a mental orgasm

horrendous slashes it has come to the point, when one has nothing more to loose
where cold steel slashes through veins, surgically removing ears and nose

crossing boundaries, beyond limitations that once was like walls
there is no end until death has replaced what once was life
molesting castrated orifice, morbid fascination, sexual and forbidden
driven by urges not human, nor with moral, the source to his existence...

but everything seems to have an end somehow, video taping his deeds
a cruel collection of a depraved mind with a hidden curiosity

for suicide, but although aint ready to take the final step
barbwire cutting through throat, self asphyxiation, while watching
his own image on the screen...

all torturous addictions have made him numb, suffering isn't available
monstrous moans, inhuman gurgles drowns the sound of the barbwire
cutting through bone, windpipe, esophagus, choking, pleasures turns
into horror and fear, watching his image dying with a rock hard erection...
Track Name: Aqualung
emerging from the depths of its dark tomb
dwelling in a state of this grotesque decomposition
dumped and tied with duct tape, hands behind the back
lungs filled with saltwater, aqualung, mummified by seaweed...

inhabitants of this floating monstrosity, microscopic organisms
feast on internal organ matter, waterlogged carcass swarming
with bacteria, baked by a late July sun, skin cracks and
enters a new state, rented meat, twisted and deformed...

dumped into the sea and crashed into the rock hard surface
ocular organs surgically removed

traditional ritual renewed
this is a prologue of your life built by shit
this is the statement, why you should have quit...

pressure causes lungs to collapse, anus hauls forth
a trail of entrails and excremental sludge
drifting just above the surface of the sea
serving as a host to a newborn hive of parasites, consuming
the carrion from within...

the origin of his fate unrevealed, no names ever mentioned
silenced by the roaring tides of this dark, liquid abyss
skeletal remains washed ashore, on a barren and forgotten shore
fate has a strange way to end life